Let the world be our exploration,

Let ‘everyday’ be our observation…


May we traverse deserts

May we enjoy the oasis’ desserts…


May the snowfall be cherished,

May the wines be relished…


May the Sea be marvelled,

May the waves be well travelled…


May the grasslands be grasped,

May the horses be saddled….


May the plains be witnessed ,

May the fertile soil be more enriched…


May the seasons  be experienced,

May the moments be remembered….


May we garner the variety of nature,

May we love the company of its’every stature…


May the ‘tourist’ part of us feel relaxed and rejuvenated,

May the ‘tour’ be accelerated and appreciated…

Touring and enjoying….














A necessity for every living being ,

A visual treat for seeing…


It’s H2O for the chemists,

The philosophers see it as life’s gists…


‘Save water, Save life ‘ is a famous slogan,

It is known by many from Manila to Michigan…


Water is revered in religions,

It is conserved across regions…


Water flows and bows,

It glows and shows…


Water is a good solvent,

It teaches a person to be tolerant….


Water takes the shape of the container in which it is stored,

So, it is simply not bored….!!!!


Water bodies are symbols of abundance,

They reflect lots of radiance….


Rivers, Lakes, Dams, Creeks,

Streams, Waterfalls, Wells, Brooks,

Pipelines, Canals, Seas and Geysers,

Tanks, Ground water, Tankers and Purifiers,

They are valuable,

They are commendable…

Nature has blessed mankind with this precious resource,

It is largely  Man’s duty to not make it scarce….




Picture: My mobile upload from Kate’s Point, Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra, India.







Food, clothing, shelter are basic needs,

But they are snatched by some souls who have unlimited greeds.


There are some noble creatures who deprive themselves of luxuries,

They work diligently to secure a future for their children, which is free of penuries….


There are some health conscious  beings who deprive themselves of ice creams and such other goodies,

To pursue a healthier, fitter ‘themselves’ and delete their names from the list of foodies…!!!


Fasting is also a deliberate process of deprivation,

The persons who ‘fast’can learn patience, refrain , self control and satisfaction…


In a world of ‘More’, ‘Store’ and ‘Galore’,

The word,’ Deprive ‘ seems to be a part of past folklore…


But it does exist,

Thankfully, it has not made an exit.

It is not yet ‘ Extinct ‘……






Fence divides and segregates,

It sets the importance of entry from gates…


It is a symbol of border,

Not crossing a fence without permission is an  order,


Fence sets limits,

It determines rights…


In a relationship,

Fence denotes privacy,

Trespassing it, is autocracy….


Nature sets boundaries and fences,

Not respecting them are rare offences….


The Sea sets for itself the illusionary Horizon as one boundary.

The other one  is the beach boundary…


So, enjoy observing the different fences

And how they create emphatic sentences….










Foretelling , Predicting future  , with the help of different bodies of knowledge is prophecy. Prophecy has a divine connotation as well. Astrology, Palmistry, Face reading, Tarot cards analysis, Dreams ‘ interpretation, Intuition are some techniques and subjects which are applied.

A need for prophecy arises because human beings tend to think and worry about the future. A basic nature of curiosity , leads to  a peep into the future.


A few lines of a person who wants to hear in the form  her prophecy…

” Oh my Prophecy ,

Please show some mercy…


Predict something spectacular ,

Which will be jocular,


May I achieve success,

Nothing less,


May I climb the mountains of fame,

Which will put my mockers to shame!!!


May I be well travelled,

May my fortune be marvelled.


May my Wealth multiply,

So that there will be an ample supply. ”


The list of possibilities goes on and on,

Till the prophecy also becomes stubborn..

And says,

” Every prophecy has its own efficacy,

It also depends on the prophet’s and the person’s efficiency. ”

That’s why …

Not every Prophecy has an accuracy,

It may also be a fallacy!









Voyage is a journey by sea, normally of a long duration. The word brings to my mind , the Sea in its magnanimity, it’s wonderful waves, the fish, large and small, the Sea creatures like the seal, starfish, octopus, walrus, the mythical mesmerising Mermaids, the Sailors , the pirates, the ships, the sails, the anchor, the compass, the light house. I can also feel the sadness, loneliness, uncertainty and at the same time a flamboyance of the voyagers. The song of the Sea waves with the wildness of the winds, the voices of the Sea travellers singing  merrily at times; singing sadly at times….

The Sea has always captivated many human beings from ancient times. The  Sea with its sheer vastness , depth, ability to provide shelter to the Sea creatures, the richness of its seabeds , the aqua flora and fauna, the fossils, the remnants of the past continues to bewitch me!!!

Be it  Daniel Defoe’s ” Robinson Crusoe “, or Earnest Hemingway’s ” The Old Man and the Sea”, or  Sindbad, the sailor, or the Gullible Gulliver of ” Gulliver’s travels “, the authors have woven words of beauty, centering around the sea, the voyage and the life.

Before the Industrial revolution took place, the ancient,  important route of travel, trade has been the Sea route. Christopher Columbus, Vasco da Gama were brave, tenacious Sailors and explorers who discovered important coastlines , continents and countries for Europe.  

Now , with technology, the voyage has increased manifold. Submarines have also been invented. Many technologically savvy Sea vessels carrying enormous quantities of cargo and also passenger ships are traversing the waters.  The fishermen across the world have also developed newer, advanced fishing techniques. 

Leisure Sea Tourism is also developing well. 

The Voyage continues…..





Daily prompt- ‘Awe’

In Awe  of  ‘A woman of substance’

We meet many people in  our lives,

 few  are like the creators of bee hives…

They toil sincerely,

They also work smartly…


They are efficient,

They are proficient…


They manage,

They do not deter at any stage…

They may cry,

They do not fail to try…

They are foresighted,

They may not be highlighted…

They celebrate life,

They enjoy it’s strife….

We are in awe of such women,

They , through  their work, pray and say Amen…

They are the women of substance,

Just tell  them once….

Tell them they are awesome,

They lead a life which is wholesome…

Appreciation will give them satisfaction,

They will continue to be our inspiration..

Dedicated to all the women of substance.I dedicate this blog , especially this blog post to my mother – a woman of substance ….