Life has always fascinated, puzzled, challenged, excited me. It is a journey between’ Birth and Death’.                   Most of us search for happiness in our lives. For some ,it is a state of mind; for others ,it is a destination. Some  may define ‘ Happiness’ as an achievement of some aim , tangible target .

Happiness is a beautiful feeling and state of mind. It is achievable for major part of our life, if we allow ourselves to be happy…Through this post, I have tried to list some ways in which we can be happy :

A – Aim

It helps to have an Aim – a purpose in life. An ambition, aspiration sets an individual in action. It can be a short term , mid term or long term aim. It can be reviewed, altered, cancelled, replaced from time to time. For example, if  a person wants to be a doctor, she will gather information about various educational institutions offering Medicine degrees,the fee structure, the syllabus, the entrance tests, various criteria for selection, the number of years of medical education, the avenues of employment after completion of education. The mobilisation of resources will be stressful at times, but it will be a satisfying experience for the aspiring medical student. The preparation process, if done sincerely, will be a reason to be happy for her. If the aim of seeking admission in Medicine field is achieved, it will be a major source of joy.

B – Brains

Use your grey cells. The ability to think sets us apart from other living creatures. Try to understand what we come across. Learn, upgrade, sharpen the skills which will be useful professionally, personally. Play games. Solving a crossword puzzle, riddle , winning a match of badminton can give immense pleasure.

C – Communication

Speak, Watch, Read, Hear, Express, Write,Touch are all acts of communication. 

Communication is a beautiful way of putting across our thoughts, feelings  to others. It is used to understand others as well. Avoid complications. Communicate.If you love someone, express it. Do not wait for eternity. Communication builds, strengthens relationships, increasing the happiness in people.

D – Dare

Have the courage to take chances in life. Step out of your comfort zone. Do something which you were afraid to do; if doing that thing is turning out to be a necessity, presently. If something fits into your moral values and ethics framework, it deserves an attempt. If you wanted to dance in the rains, sing in the rains, go ahead and do it. Enjoy getting wet.Listen to the song of the rains and dance to its tune!

E –  Enthusiasm

Be upbeat, energetic, excited. 

It spreads amongst others. Enthusiasm is a movement which creates wonders, thereby making  people cheerful.

F – Fun

Do things which you feel are fun to do.

It could be reading a book of jokes, painting, visiting an amusement park.

G – Generosity

The joy of giving is ineffable.

Gift something . The genuine smile on the receiver’s face is the best return gift. Generosity without extravaganza will not mount to wasteful expenditure.

H – Honesty

Honesty ,with a sugar coat of diplomacy is the best policy.

That will lead to a less regretful life and not hamper your happiness.

I – Ideation

It’s beneficial to be full of IDEAS.

I am not expecting everyone to be an entrepreneur, an innovator, an inventor, a scientist. But ,a good idea which can be time saving, effort saving, money saving is always welcome in our lives.

The satisfaction of contributing in an ideation process is too good.

J – Jealousy

It is natural for most of us to feel jealous of someone atleast once in our lives.

A happy person has acquired the art of eliminating Jealousy. Jealousy can be lousy. It can create an inferiority complex in a person. It leads to wastage of resources; also causing sadness.

Observe , analyze the person or entity of whom  you are jealous. Find out the strengths, weaknesses, situations of that entity. You may be able to appreciate that person at the end of the analysis!

If something is worth learning from that case , it may be learnt and also looked upon as an inspiration.

K – Kindness

An act of kindness can be a life long happy memory.

L – Love

Love yourself first. If that is present, a person can love other things and people in life.

Love can be for any person, thing, feeling,event, belief, work, place, creature, humanity. It is universal. It encourages a person to be caring, motivating, giving, happy, hard working, tenacious, patient.

M – Move on

Failures, Setback, Losses, Heart breaks, Bereavement are inevitable at times.

Moving ahead in life, finding joy in our lives are smart ways of being happy.

N – Neatness

The famous quote , ” Cleanliness is next to Godliness. ” is apt.

A neat  and tidy environment creates a positive atmosphere . 

O – Odours , Fragrances and Aroma

Flowers, Incense sticks,Perfumes Aroma candles, the aroma of a sumptuous meal can create an aesthetic and refreshing ambience.

P – Practice

Practice makes a man perfect, the old saying is sensible. 

Practice leads to good work. That is satisfying and a source of happiness.

Q –  Quest

Life is a quest. If some questions are answered, celebrate. If some are not answered, enjoy the search.

R – Reading

Reading books, blogs, any form of writing which interests, informs, educates, entertains us is great. 

It is a good way of developing empathy. By reading, we can develop an understanding of a wide array of emotions and happenings. That can be helpful in our lives.

S – Smile

A smile is an expression of happiness. But it can create a ‘ Feel Good ‘ element as well. 

A smile can heal hearts!

T – Travel

Travelling to  different places- the journey, the destination, the experience of meeting people, visiting places of marvel- natural or man made, getting a glimpse of  various cultures, cuisines, languages, communities, climates, flora and fauna are  relaxing, rejuvenating, refreshing.

U – Usefulness 

Declutter . Keep the home and workplace organised. Classify things on the basis of usefulness.

V – Variety

As the old saying goes, ” Variety is the spice of life”. Variety breaks monotony and boredom.

W -Wear your best.

A neat, well dressed person radiates positivity. 

X – X – mas tree

A Christmas tree is a symbol of joy, happiness, celebration, giving, togetherness. If a person ingrains these qualities in herself, life will be joyous.

Y – Yesteryears

Learn from the past. Do not hold on to the bitter memories. They do not make the present any better. Remember the good, happy memories. If there are any photographs, diaries or any such records, preserve them. 

Z –  Zenith, Zeal and Zest

Live zealously and work hard to reach the Zenith!

Picture: Photo clicked by me. It is my daughter’s first book and my first blog post!









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