June – The Rain tune!

June is the sixth month of the calendar year. Half of the year is nearing completion in this month. In India, it is a month of the ‘ Monsoon  Arrival’.

I would define ‘ JUNE ‘ as the Month of

J- Junya Athvani ( Old Memories in my mother tongue ‘Marathi’ )

U – Umbrellas

N – Naava Kagdi ( Paper boats in the language ‘ Marathi ‘ )

E – Ek ladki bheegi bhagisi gaaney ka mahina (‘ A runaway drenched girl’ to be sung in this month. It is a popular Bollywood  (Hindi film) song from an old classic ‘ Chalti ka naam Gaadi.

I turn nostalgic in this month. I remember the school days.Schools reopen in June , in India.

There is a Newness , a Novelty in the air. The first droplets of rains refresh the atmosphere, bathe the trees, soothe  the soil, quench the thirst of the parched land, fill the lakes, rivers and the sea with the first session of water.

It is a month of seasonal shopping as well. The colourful Umbrellas, raincoats ,windcheaters, rainy shoes flood the markets, much before the rains fill the lakes.

The new notebooks, textbooks, book covers, school bags, uniforms are all eagerly waiting to be used. A new roll number, a new division, a new classroom, a new group of friends are exciting for the school students.

The Indian corn ( Gavthi Kanas in Marathi language ) is available in the monsoons. It has a delicious taste. The corn vendor sells them in a roasted form. He roasts them on a coal stove. He dresses the corn with salt, lemon juice, spices as per the customer’s tastes. It is one of the healthiest street foods. It tastes great in the form of boiled corn as well . Even grated  ‘Corn Sheera ‘ is sumptuous to taste.

It’s the best time to have ginger tea.

Let’s gear up for  some action in rain gear and enjoy the June Joys…!!!




June – The Rain tune!

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