City – Mumbai


Cities are a symbol of urbanisation. They are very often places of opportunity, employment, education, trade and commerce, travel and tourism,technology hubs,Healthcare, Fitness,Publishing, Media,  Arts , melting pot of cultures. Cuisine, Clothing, Languages, Transport, Communication, Architecture, Conservation of Heritage, Past Memories, History, Climate ,Geographical conditions are unique for each city.

Every city has its own flavour,image, specialisations, variety as well. For example, Lucknow is famous for its  culture of ‘Tehjeeb’,etiquette and decency.

I am a city dweller. My home is in Mumbai.It’s pace, rhythm, routine are quick , agile, efficient. It is known as the commercial and financial capital of India. There is a famous dialogue in many Hindi films, ” Admi jise kaam karna hain, woh kabhi bhooka nahi sota is shehar mein..!” It’s translated as, ” A person who has the willingness to work, will never sleep in a starved state.” Mumbai offers some work or the other.

Another greatness of this city is that it absorbs,ingrains, assimilates different cultures, communities, religions, languages, processes, systems in its vast and ever expanding canvas.

That’s the reason you will find a great VARIETY in different spheres of life. There is an amazing AVAILABILITY of a VARIETY of goods, services , offerings.

For example,food lovers and connoisseurs, can taste a wide array of local, regional, global cuisines in restaurants, cafés,restobars,street food stalls and homes of the inhabitants. There is the Mumbai chaat( spicy dishes) like Paani puri, Bhel Puri, sev Puri, paav bhaji. There is Konkanastha Brahmin , Deshashtha Brahmin cuisine, Malvani, Konkani, Marathvada, Vidharbha, Kolhapuri types of cuisines and many other types of cuisine in Maharashtra. All of them are available in Mumbai, the capital of Maharashtra. Apart from that there is Gujarati, Punjabi,Sindhi, Kutchi,Rajasthani,Bengali,South Indian cuisine available. Thai, Mexican, Italian, Chinese are some of the global cuisines at the service of foodies. The list is not exhaustive!!!

Purses and footwear are also available in creative shapes ,sizes,colours,materials. Street vendors and shops sell them ; thereby pampering the customers!

The same is the case with clothes, mobile accessories.

There is a choice for customers in terms of price range as well. A person can lead a stylish lifestyle by selecting goods and services within her income bracket.

Housing is expensive, but it also offers a variety of choices.Vertical growth is rising in the city in Housing.

Green open spaces are reducing. There are many gardens managed by the public as well as the private sector in Mumbai. Borivali , a suburb in Mumbai has  the famous ‘ Sanjay Gandhi National Park’.

Mumbai is highly and densely populated. It has its own problems of transport, traffic, crowded public transport, pollution. Private and public authorities are proactively taking preventive and curative measures to handle the situation. The choice for a commuter is also available- Cars, Bikes, Scooters, Cycles, Auto Rickshaws,Taxis, Buses, Metro, Trains. Auto Rickshaws are permitted from Borivali to Bandra in the suburbs. The area beyond Bandra is known as ‘ The Town  ‘. Suburbs are also well developed.


The popular wonderful three words say it all: ” Mumbai Meri Jaan”, in Hindi .It means, ” Mumbai- My Life.”




Picture- Window view from Mumbai ‘s building, It was a morning view, so I clicked it.-A proudly modest Mumbaikar( Mumbaikar- A native of Mumbai)




City – Mumbai

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