Life seems empty,

When  we think of infinity…


A beloved’s death creates a void,

Which we try to avoid…


When the rains are scanty,

We pray to God Almighty…


When the water reservoirs diminish,

We think of ,”how will the crops flourish?”…


Anything that is full, someday becomes empty,

This truth is feared by us is a pity…


Filling and pouring are the laws of nature,

Which are beneficial for any creature…


The stale is emptied ,

For the freshness to be filled…


“Fund” and “Flow” concepts are equally important emblems,

Else the world will face too many problems…


* Daily prompt  by the daily post was ” Empty”. The word appealed a lot to me. The initial and immediate thoughts were very sad, but later I realised that  ” Empty ” is not always bad or sad and I was glad!!!





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