Daily prompt- ‘Awe’

In Awe  of  ‘A woman of substance’

We meet many people in  our lives,

 few  are like the creators of bee hives…

They toil sincerely,

They also work smartly…


They are efficient,

They are proficient…


They manage,

They do not deter at any stage…

They may cry,

They do not fail to try…

They are foresighted,

They may not be highlighted…

They celebrate life,

They enjoy it’s strife….

We are in awe of such women,

They , through  their work, pray and say Amen…

They are the women of substance,

Just tell  them once….

Tell them they are awesome,

They lead a life which is wholesome…

Appreciation will give them satisfaction,

They will continue to be our inspiration..

Dedicated to all the women of substance.I dedicate this blog , especially this blog post to my mother – a woman of substance ….



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