Foretelling , Predicting future  , with the help of different bodies of knowledge is prophecy. Prophecy has a divine connotation as well. Astrology, Palmistry, Face reading, Tarot cards analysis, Dreams ‘ interpretation, Intuition are some techniques and subjects which are applied.

A need for prophecy arises because human beings tend to think and worry about the future. A basic nature of curiosity , leads to  a peep into the future.


A few lines of a person who wants to hear in the form  her prophecy…

” Oh my Prophecy ,

Please show some mercy…


Predict something spectacular ,

Which will be jocular,


May I achieve success,

Nothing less,


May I climb the mountains of fame,

Which will put my mockers to shame!!!


May I be well travelled,

May my fortune be marvelled.


May my Wealth multiply,

So that there will be an ample supply. ”


The list of possibilities goes on and on,

Till the prophecy also becomes stubborn..

And says,

” Every prophecy has its own efficacy,

It also depends on the prophet’s and the person’s efficiency. ”

That’s why …

Not every Prophecy has an accuracy,

It may also be a fallacy!







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