Voyage is a journey by sea, normally of a long duration. The word brings to my mind , the Sea in its magnanimity, it’s wonderful waves, the fish, large and small, the Sea creatures like the seal, starfish, octopus, walrus, the mythical mesmerising Mermaids, the Sailors , the pirates, the ships, the sails, the anchor, the compass, the light house. I can also feel the sadness, loneliness, uncertainty and at the same time a flamboyance of the voyagers. The song of the Sea waves with the wildness of the winds, the voices of the Sea travellers singing  merrily at times; singing sadly at times….

The Sea has always captivated many human beings from ancient times. The  Sea with its sheer vastness , depth, ability to provide shelter to the Sea creatures, the richness of its seabeds , the aqua flora and fauna, the fossils, the remnants of the past continues to bewitch me!!!

Be it  Daniel Defoe’s ” Robinson Crusoe “, or Earnest Hemingway’s ” The Old Man and the Sea”, or  Sindbad, the sailor, or the Gullible Gulliver of ” Gulliver’s travels “, the authors have woven words of beauty, centering around the sea, the voyage and the life.

Before the Industrial revolution took place, the ancient,  important route of travel, trade has been the Sea route. Christopher Columbus, Vasco da Gama were brave, tenacious Sailors and explorers who discovered important coastlines , continents and countries for Europe.  

Now , with technology, the voyage has increased manifold. Submarines have also been invented. Many technologically savvy Sea vessels carrying enormous quantities of cargo and also passenger ships are traversing the waters.  The fishermen across the world have also developed newer, advanced fishing techniques. 

Leisure Sea Tourism is also developing well. 

The Voyage continues…..




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