Food, clothing, shelter are basic needs,

But they are snatched by some souls who have unlimited greeds.


There are some noble creatures who deprive themselves of luxuries,

They work diligently to secure a future for their children, which is free of penuries….


There are some health conscious  beings who deprive themselves of ice creams and such other goodies,

To pursue a healthier, fitter ‘themselves’ and delete their names from the list of foodies…!!!


Fasting is also a deliberate process of deprivation,

The persons who ‘fast’can learn patience, refrain , self control and satisfaction…


In a world of ‘More’, ‘Store’ and ‘Galore’,

The word,’ Deprive ‘ seems to be a part of past folklore…


But it does exist,

Thankfully, it has not made an exit.

It is not yet ‘ Extinct ‘……




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