A necessity for every living being ,

A visual treat for seeing…


It’s H2O for the chemists,

The philosophers see it as life’s gists…


‘Save water, Save life ‘ is a famous slogan,

It is known by many from Manila to Michigan…


Water is revered in religions,

It is conserved across regions…


Water flows and bows,

It glows and shows…


Water is a good solvent,

It teaches a person to be tolerant….


Water takes the shape of the container in which it is stored,

So, it is simply not bored….!!!!


Water bodies are symbols of abundance,

They reflect lots of radiance….


Rivers, Lakes, Dams, Creeks,

Streams, Waterfalls, Wells, Brooks,

Pipelines, Canals, Seas and Geysers,

Tanks, Ground water, Tankers and Purifiers,

They are valuable,

They are commendable…

Nature has blessed mankind with this precious resource,

It is largely  Man’s duty to not make it scarce….




Picture: My mobile upload from Kate’s Point, Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra, India.





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