Dramatic Dynamics

We meet persons,

For different reasons.


They create impressions,

We have our expressions.


Human beings can be dramatic,

They can be enigmatic.


Some are romantic,

Some are pathetic.


Some are amicable,

Some are ineffable.


Some are emotional,

Some are rational.


However, we judge,

They do not budge.


Human nature is full of complications,

It is also full of simplifications.


It is full of contradictions,

It is full of imperfections.


This creation of dramatic ,

Leads to energy generation ,which is kinetic.


The ‘dramatic’ keep us ticking and tickling….!!!


Dramatic Dynamics

Admiration of ‘something special ‘

Admiration is analysing, observing something, which  we like or love or appreciate. We may or may not have that quality. It may not belong to us. But we admire it. That special ‘ something ‘ is what we admire.

I admire :

Women of Substance,

Men of Substance, ( I don’t know why this term is not used. It is unfair to the Men of Substance !  So, I am using this term.., a humble tribute to them. )


Hard Work, Sincerity

Character , Honesty, Integrity, Loyalty


Well organised Methods and Systems,


People who respect others,




These are some of the qualities, I admire.



Admiration of ‘something special ‘

Winning in the wind

The winds may blow,

The efforts may tow.


People who face adversity,

Very often, have faith in God Almighty.


However intense the wind,

They leave the thorns behind.


The wind brings obstacles ,

It tests how the person breaks the shackles.


The wind throws surprise,

A person may have to work with someone whom he may despise.


A person learns to adjust,

He learns to trust.


Wind is cheated by windcheaters,

They inspire the wind beaters….


Wind chimes dance and sing,

They strike a melodious string.


Windows win against the wind,

They teach us to fight the wind…..








Winning in the wind

Unstoppable Pursuits

I know , I am witnessing the “Unstoppable”, when I 

See a passionate person following his dreams,

See the” full of flamboyance ” streams,


Hear a mother praising her toddler,

Hear a cook using the blender,


Watch a baby run innocently,

Watch the rains pouring incessantly,


Listen to a singer singing his favourite song,

Listen to an orator’s speech which is long,


Overhear an ever complaining wife’s nagging,

Overhear an ever boasting person’s bragging,


In a game of cricket, I watch Yuvraj Singh hitting sixes,

Watch Curtly Ambrose’s balls earning close misses,


Unstoppable can be pleasant,

It changes the state of dormant….













Unstoppable Pursuits

The Crisis Management

Crisis ,normally ,leads to panic and chaos. Feelings of helplessness, confusion, rage are felt. ‘ Why me ? ‘ is the painful question. Adversity is not considered desirable. There are many , who feel exhausted, strained, fatigued during a crisis. Many collapse. It is natural. There is no need to feel guilty, weak about it.

But, not making a sincere attempt to face a crisis, is ideally, not a good option…

Crisis can strike at an individual or a group level. It’s scale will differ , accordingly.

What is vital ,is ‘ how is the crisis handled, managed? ‘

Some tools of crisis management. These are the 5( five) C s ,which , according to me are critical components of a successful approach and attitude for crisis management:

*  Conservation

Wastage of resources is an absolute ‘ no no’. Resources are precious. If they are prudently utilised to satisfy wants or ends, they will not be wasted.

For example, if the country is facing a water crisis, water saving and Conservation efforts at an individual or collective level will do wonders.

* Creativity

Ideation encouragement is a beautiful way of generating interest, enthusiasm, efforts. Creativity leads to creation and construction.

* Communication

Communication channels should be strong. Reaching out to people, sharing plans, ideas, opinions, decisions, listening, welcoming feedback, suggestions, documentation ( not excessive ) are some methods of using communication, with minimum misunderstanding, in a crisis.

* Calmness

A cool head, a calm mind can handle change, crisis in an effective manner. The flow of thoughts will be more constructive.

* Collective effort

Even if crisis is at an individual level, a team effort can be more useful to face a critical situation and resolve it. If a student is not doing well in a particular subject- for example ‘ Geography ‘. The student can discuss this with his parents, teacher. The reasons for not doing well can be analysed. Change in the Ways of garnering knowledge of the subject, direction of efforts to be taken by the student may prove to be useful.  For eg., the student can use multiple ways of gathering information. If a student is studying the capitals, currencies of different countries, he can visit the official websites of countries, read books and magazines from the library, watch films of foreign languages, read about the life of the citizens of a particular country. If he gradually, makes learning, reading, writing about the subject, a regular part of his life, very soon, the same ‘Geography’ will not look threatening, boring, dangerous, critical for him!  He will fall in love with the subject!!!


Crisis can lead to a creative change and metamorphosis! Face it, Welcome it…..






The Crisis Management

The Elusive Chase

The elusiveness has its own excitement. It thrills, shrills ,has it’s own frills! It is an effervescent, enigmatic escape. It is a mysterious chase.

Being Elusive can be value adding. The suspense element escalates.

For some, love is elusive. For others , trust, respect, money, fame, recognition, privacy, health can be elusive. There are some, for whom dreams, ambition can be elusive.

The air of elusiveness can be captivating, painful, as well as joyful , under certain circumstances.

That’s why, every individual’s life is a unique journey. It has its own turn of events,expressions,experiences,emotions , ethics.

So, what is elusive for you?



The Elusive Chase

Sanctuary in Serenity

I am at peace in my home. It is a place of serenity,dignity for me. It is my habitat, my sanctuary. It gives me  ‘feel good ‘ vibes.

Home gives a sense of safety, security, belongingness, calmness and coolness.

Humans are creating cities. There is pressure on land. Forests are cleared for human settlements. Many governments take proactive measures to save forests. They declare certain forest areas as ‘ National Parks, Bird Sanctuaries, Animal Sanctuaries ‘ . Animals , Birds, Trees grow, live, nourish naturally in a ‘ Sanctuary ‘ – an abode of their own. It is their Natural Habitat.

There is no greater joy than sleeping peacefully in our Sanctuaries!!!




Sanctuary in Serenity