Autonomy -Ample opportunity


Autonomy is the freedom to act without being questioned or deterred, within a certain framework. Certain powers, rights are conferred to the institution or individual or organisation or government unit.

Auotonomy can be time saving. It can improve productivity. It increases self esteem and the confidence level of a person. By making contribution in an autonomous set up, it improves self accountability. An individual learns to accept the bouquets aswell as brickbats. She learns to be more responsible and committed.
Skills upgradation, management techniques, communication skills, records and information management, clarity of goals,plans,processes,delegation of authority, organisation chart need to be well developed.Flexibility is also beneficial.

Autonomy is the greatest advantage available to a democracy.
India had to sacrifice many lives, many Dreams, many resources to establish an Independent ,Democratic country ,’INDIA’. Let us not waste the efforts of freedom fighters . Let us work and use ‘Autonomy’ in a prudent manner.


It’s great for the economy,

One can breathe freely

And live merrily….

A person can use her talent

And give her dreams a vent…

Autonomy respects

And covers many aspects….

Autonomy leads to accountability

It enhances a sense of responsibility….

Long live the autonomy,

It has put an end to eccentric autocracy……


Autonomy -Ample opportunity

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