Layers of Creativity


The word ‘ Layers ‘ seems to be derived from the verb , ‘ lay ‘. Layers are found practically everywhere. They protect, decorate, strengthen, enhance, give something unique through their presence and existence.

In foods like ice-cream, cakes, pastries, sandwiches, salads, kulfies, mithais, chocolates, faloodas, Indian chaats like bhelpuri, misal, panipuri, ragda pattice sevbatatapuri, LAYERS  are a ‘ Must ‘. ( I am sure ,many readers are hungry by now…! )

Even in a filtration system, there are many layers of materials, through which the water is filtered.

A dress has many layers too.

Our body is also layered by nature. Even our skin has important layers like, ‘Epidermis ‘ and ‘ ‘dermis ‘.

Painting, furnishings, utensils, paper, book, office stationery, textiles, ceramics, pharmaceuticals and many other industries will vouch for the importance and relevance of ‘ layers ‘.

A few verses:

Layers are there everywhere,

They exist here and there….

A ‘ Falooda’ without ‘ vermicelli’

Will look very silly…..!!

A fruit without skin,

Will be in the dustbin…

Without the protective layers, a purse

Will be a storer’s curse…..

Mother Earth preserves rich layers,

Which are known to her geological players….


Thank you, lovely layers of life,

You have indeed reduced strife….!


Layers of Creativity

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