Very often, what is forbidden is hidden. Certain laws by governments forbid certain acts. Such ‘certain’ acts are done by law breakers behind ‘ curtains’. The law breakers are questioned or arrested , as the case may be. The defaulters are punished by the law enforcement bodies.

At times, the defaulters go scott free. People who do something , which is ethically and morally wrong, are not always legally punished. But, they  ,very often , feel the guilt to face a person, whom they have harmed or tortured , in any manner. An honest confession is the best way to stop the mind nibbling guilt. But, that requires courage. It is easier said than done….

Infidelity is an act , which is forbidden in marriage, but a  spouse  may resort to it. There are mixed feelings of excitement of a new relationship, thrill of hiding the forbidden relationship from the life partner, guilt of not being loyal to the spouse. The bubble bursts, after the extramarital affair is revealed . The offended spouse’s reaction will differ, depending on the circumstances, nature of the spouse.

Any  activity for doing a forbidden act has some reason or the other.

Some reasons for eating the forbidden fruit are:

* Rebellious streak

* Curiosity

*  Attraction

*  Lack of satisfaction in the existing situation.


Forbidden ……., if hidden , can sadden,

Reduce the mental and emotional burden,

Go for an honest confession,

Control unethical obsession,

Repel the immoral attraction,

Respect the trust and love in a relationship,

Enhance the joy in a relationship,

And sail in the most amicable ship….!!!!!





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