The Goodness of Darkness

The Goodness of Darkness

Darkness is an indication to relax. Birds flock to their nests just before sunset. A candle looks glamorous when  it’s flame illuminates it’s surroundings.

A photographer has his den – his workplace – the dark room, where the colourful moments  are technically given a tangible form…..

Darkness also symbolizes suspense, Mystery, secrets, at times evil, sorrow, sadness, lack of hope, pessimism.

The fabulous flash and flashlights show their might in darkness…

Darkness also presents an opportunity to test our smartness.

A few verses,

The night is dark,

The reality is stark….


The Moon has vanished,

The Joy from life is banished…


The clouds are crying,

The rains are trying….


The mind is full of fears,

The eyes are flowing with tears…..


The storms are violent,

The river water is turbulent….


Suddenly, the rains have stopped,

Afar, the clouds have galloped….


The Mind is peaceful,

The thoughts are hopeful…


The Heart is happy,

The feelings are clappy….


The Head is ready for action,

It is geared for some job satisfaction…..


Picture- Twilight and the trees, mobile upload from my home








The Goodness of Darkness

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