False – Face it

False – Face it

I remember , in school , we had a question section, “State whether the following statements are TRUE or FALSE.” . It was a way of testing a student’s knowledge of the truth value of the concepts.

In Chemistry, we were introduced to elements, compounds, mixtures, alloys,solution,solvents, chemical reactions. Different subjects indicated that the world and life are a vast blend and composition of different , varied values, cultures, natures, traits, properties, characteristics, events, etc.

There are contrasts, contradictions,inequalities, overlapping, mergers, amalgamations.The Good and the Bad, the divine and evil, the right and the wrong, the rich and the poor, the beautiful and the ugly, the true and the false  co- exist….

“How are you?” is a question which must be receiving maximum false answers. We may not be fine, but we routinely and conventionally say most of the time, I am fine. ” The reason is , we are not bound to discuss, what ails us to every Tom, Dick or Harry we meet…

The harmful effects of ‘false’ are controlled and checked by law enforcement bodies, auditors, individual judgement….,but False and Fallacy cannot be totally eliminated.

Let’s face the ‘false’ and be worldly wise.


False – Face it

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