Desert Diary

Desert Diary

Love the place you stay in,

Love the persons whom you love,


Do not be madly in love with them.

You never know for whatever reason

And whenever,

You will have to desert the place and / or the persons,


Even the place or the persons will have to desert you……


Deserts have sometimes delighted me, sometimes disturbed me, sometimes distressed me, sometimes disciplined me……

Deserts , with their vast expanses of dry sand particles, create innumerable designs , in collaboration with the wind, storms and breeze, footprints of camels, men and other creatures, who tenaciously travel the desert.

They inspire to have a “Survival instinct”. Trees like Cactus teach us to store and stock for an emergency.

Deserts teach to preserve, conserve, prudently utilize resources.

Oasis , a green land mass, is a treasure,  for the desert creatures. It is a grand gift of nature.

Deserts are reservoirs of minerals and ores, oils and natural gas. It indicates that, Nature gifts every entity with unique set of strengths and weaknesses. It is the entity’s choice to make optimum use of strengths, overcome the Weaknesses, make use of the opportunities and face threats, stoically and smartly.

The Arabian nights- Stories of the desert, Paulo Coelho’s ‘ The Alchemist ‘ are some of the fabulous literary works, which have captivated the readers, with their wonderful creations, keeping the deserts as a background….

Deserts will always be  a dear inspiration for me…





Desert Diary

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