Journey of a Bollywood movie viewer…

Right from my childhood, watching Hindi Films have always been my favourite experience. The Hindi film industry is known as ” Bollywood “.

A film is a team effort. It has many departments and tasks. For example, producer, actors, director, cinematographer, screen play writers, dialogue writers, editor,dubbing artists sound recordists, make-up artists, hair dressers, dress designers, studio owners,executive producer, production controller, Accountants, Bankers, Financers, Caterers, Promotion unit, Travel and tour operator. The list is indicative and not exhaustive!!!! So many people come together and present the final offering ” Film”.

Another important element of Hindi films is the ” Song and Dance “. The singers, lyricists, music composers, choreographers are vital for making some hummable, melodious, lilting songs.

Normally, a Hindi film is around two to two and a half hours in length. It takes a viewer into a very unique journey alongwith the different characters, situations, circumstances, geographical conditions, era, History, culture, values, attitudes, emotions,thoughts, feelings message, views, opinions,fantasy, imagination.

The viewer witnesses this artform and gets involved in the film. Even after the movie is over, it has an impact on the viewer’s mind.

Some viewers enjoy the journey, others feel bored. But it is a journey, nevertheless….!!!!!!

A few words  from a Bollywood classic Song (Hindi – language) :

” Jeevan ke Safar mein raahi,

Miltey hain bichad jaaney ko,

Aur dey jaatey hain Yaadein ,

Tanhai mein tadpane ko…..”

Translated as” The travellers meet I’m the journey of life,

To be separated from one another,

Leaving behind ‘Memories’.

These memories are remembered in solitude and an  immense pain is felt…




Journey of a Bollywood movie viewer…

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