Unpredictable- Absolutely Acceptable

Just imagine a world , where everything is predictable….. It will be so boring and many will be snoring !!!

Unpredictable is absolutely acceptable. It adds spice to life. It enhances the flavours, tastes of the recipe of life. It is an essential ingredient.

The ‘ What next  ‘ element is great and welcome in a monotonous life. The suspense, mystery can be a tense story, but it is exciting.

No one can beat a baby’s unpredictability… What an innocent creativity !!

Also a hidden beauty is a beautiful example of unpredictability. It is supportive for different forms of Arts as well. Be it photography, prose, poetry, pottery.

What about the lottery!! A windfall gain is a fantasy for its buyers.

The unpredictable challenges, questions. It can drive a planner and perfectionist crazy…. At times a hazy picture also looks aesthetic.

So , let’s be prepared to enjoy ,  cherish the moments of  ‘unpredictable’ events…


Unpredictable- Absolutely Acceptable

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