Drivers and Strivers

In order to arrive,

We need to drive.


A driver should observe rules of traffic,

Else the roads will be chaotic !


Similarly, a driver should have the drive to reach a destination,

Else, there will be a hindrance to fulfillment of ambition….


‘ Power ‘ conscious persons want to be in the ‘ driver’s ‘ seat,

The competitors in the journey, they aim to beat….


For some, driving is a passion,

The vehicle is their favourite possession.


They love the control of the wheel,

They have nerves of steel.


A good driver drives with concentration,

He also ensures that the vehicle is in a good condition.


People who are reckless drivers,

Challenge sincere drivers who are cautious strivers.


Some persons have a magnetic drive of attraction,

They use ‘it’ for a smooth navigation.


So, let’s drive in such a way , that the ignition creates imagination,

which will lead to inspirational illumination!!!!!



Drivers and Strivers

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