Feast of celebration

There is an invitation for a feast,

She is excited to reach there fast….


She is ready with her dress and accessories,

She never had to struggle for necessaries….


The event is glamorous,

The food list is enormous.


The who’s who of society are present,

Everyone is wearing a unique scent.


The aroma of food is mixing with that of perfumes,

The stoves are creating a design of fumes.


People are chatting,

While they are eating.


The bartenders are  busy,

The journalists are buzzy…


She smiles and greets,

The persons she meets.


The food is delicious

She knows it is precious.


It is a basic need,

It’s wastage deserves some heed…


She has a look at the plates,

The wasted food will fill many crates…


She completes whatever she has served herself,

She washes her hands, mouth and refreshes herself.


She thanks the hosts for the feast,

Except the wastage, it was a great get together,  to say the least.


She returns home with many a question,

She makes it her life’s mission.


She wonders,

She ponders.


She commences a food saving drive,

She takes a passionate dive.


She promotes the values of self discipline and self control in food consumption,

She challenges the subtle destruction.


She gradually achieves success,

The quantity of food wasted is less!!






Feast of celebration

2 thoughts on “Feast of celebration

  1. Yes! Finally, a rich person with morals, lol. I thought this poem was going in a different direction, it was really refreshing to see that the woman cares about larger society as a whole.


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