Punishment without imprisonment

Their schools were the same,

They played the same game.


He looked at her fondly, during lectures,

She looked at him grandly during lectures….


He was in love with her

He was in awe of her…


She was in love with him,

She was in awe of him…


He never garnered courage to express his love for his sweetheart,

She never showed the boldness to display  expression of her heart….


The schooling was completed ,

The phase of college started.


They didn’t meet for many years,

They loved each other even during those years….


They did well professionally,

They missed each other personally….


One fine day,

They met accidentally,

During a rally,

They were members of a Senior Citizens Association,

They showed the same recognition,


Their unexpressed love was  the worst punishment without imprisonment,

They never showed interest in any personal commitment….










Punishment without imprisonment

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