Time- An inspiration for Clock

Clocks are amazing objects. They work with their hands , while humans weave their dreams and days. They inspire humans to work and walk the passage of time. The clocks are  precise and precious representatives of time.

A sand clock symbolizes a thrill element as well, making it interesting. The alarm clock awakens the most sleepy person from a deep slumber. The stop watch is task oriented. The mobile clock is a great convenience.With Wrist watches , we feel, we wear time!

But , Nature has its own clock, invisible ,I suppose. The Sun rises and sets without looking at any clock! The Moon waxes and wanes, it doesn’t wear any watch! The flowers bloom on their own.

A few lines of poetry:

Time flies and flows,

while the wind blows.


Time runs,

while the bakers make buns

and writers write puns.


Clocks ‘ hands show time,

While the wind chimes chime.


The time can’t be captured,

It can be structured.


Clocks are an invention of man.

They serve as a motivation for man.






Time- An inspiration for Clock

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