The dicey vice

Virtues and vices are a part of everyone. Some people accept their vices; others don’t.

Some people who accept their vices take the next step of minimizing the effect of their vice. Some even  succeed in the process; even to an extent of an elimination of the vice.

Others who do not want to work on their vices, either ignore the vice or belittle others, instead ! ! !

A few verses:

Life would  be nice,

Without the vice

Of ignorance…


The dicey vice is tricky,

It’s lock can have a rare key….


One point to ponder…

One point to wonder….

There are some sub-ordinate designations ,

the office bearers do not offer their resignations …! ! !

Those designations have the prefix ‘ VICE’….

Such as vice captain, vice chairman, vice president……






The dicey vice

The Cheater – The Trust Breaker

Trust is a great responsibility,

It is handed over with dignity….

The person who breaks this trust,

Is labeled as a cheat, who has burst….

The bubble of trust…

Making an iron of trust rust….

Some cheaters misappropriate funds of others,

They shamelessly enjoy  the hard earned wealth of others….

The cheaters who resort to infidelity,

very often lack the emotional stability…..

The cheats who break the rules,

Very often do not work hard like mules…..

Be cautious,

Do not be callous,

in dealing with cheaters

– The Trust Breakers….


The Cheater – The Trust Breaker

Mistake -be awake

Mistakes are INEVITABLE. There is hardly anyone in this world ,who is infallible, perfect. There are some who make blunders, errors in heaps…..They make no effort to learn from mistakes. They have no guilt about it. They do not concentrate. This lethargic attitude is detrimental to their learning and skill acquiring process.

A smart, hard working person is observant and vigilant. He learns from his mistake as well as those of others.


Oops, I have made a mistake!

I need to be mentally awake….


The heart is saying something,

The head hears nothing…..


The Head versus Heart conflict is challenging,

The decision – making process is intriguing…..


I fear making a mistake…..

There are many things at stake……


I take every precision,

to make a decision…


I decide to be accountable,

without thinking about ‘ERROR’ table…





Mistake -be awake

Witness with Wit-My dear daughter

A mother’s letter to her daughter ….

Dear Angel in my life,

Today , you are very young,  too innocent to understand the complexities of life…

When you grow older, I may or may not be there with you, all the time….

You will be sailing your boat.

You are a beautiful  combination of genetics – both paternal and maternal , your experiences , external influencing factors.

You are a witness to a vast mass of events….

Observe, analyse, assimilate all that you witness.

Never lose your wit….Witness with Wit….

Right from childhood, you have read and heard many fairytales. The Good and the Evil fight. It is the good that is victorious. Many times, the evil is masked and has a pretty, sugar coated appearance. Use your judgement wisely to understand the difference.

Be assertive in life.

Do not abuse and do not be abused as well.

Follow your dreams, but relax as well.

Love yourself first.Take care of yourself. Marry , if you want to, but learn to lead a solitary life as well. Trust me , living in solitude is not pathetic…

Love the person you marry, trust him, support him in his goals, accept him whole -heartedly… Do not expect much from him.


Earn, Spend , but dear, Save for the future as well.


You will meet many people in life. Learn from them, as you witness some of the key events of their lives…

Enjoy yourself, Bon Voyage..

Lots of love,

Your Mimmy  !!!( Mummy )



Witness with Wit-My dear daughter

The Obvious Omnipresent

via Daily Prompt: Obvious


Where there is life, there is a wide range of emotions, thoughts, feelings, actions. There are actions and reactions, millions of opinions ,even in an individual mind. Some are obvious, others are masked,complex.

But what is omnipresent is obviously life.

A few verses:

It is obvious

to feel oblivious

of everything

in love,


It is indeed obvious

to make many envious

of any talent

in life,


It is obvious

to feel nervous

of anything for

the first time,


It is obvious

to safeguard against the devious……







The Obvious Omnipresent

The Miniature Marvel

A miniature amazes and attracts attention, when it resembles the bigger counterpart, very precisely.

Nature is a great miniature creator as well. If we observe, we will find lots of miniature examples.

Some of them,which I have observed are :

1) Starfish – Isn’t it a pretty miniature of a star in the sky ?

2) Seahorse – A horse will love to see it’s miniature – Seahorse….

3) Curry leaves branch look like a huge tree’s miniature.

4) The snow capped mountains look like an ice cream combination, containing cream…

5) The mushrooms look like umbrellas…

6) The corn look like teeth…

7) Ice, which is very thin ,can look like glass..,

8) Some Vegetables,fruits, beans are also miniatures. They have also been named because of this property. For example- kidney beans, wax melon.

The miniature is a wonderful creature.It inspires to nurture.


The Miniature Marvel

The learning yearning

Learning is a life long process. We are learning something or the other. It could be learning routine tasks, more complex ones, a language, cooking, any activity or skill.

We enjoy learning some subjects. Some subjects, we feel are boring, difficult to grasp. There are times, when we learn after lots of failed attempts. But , towards the end,  we are masters of it. The happiness is limitless.

Knowledge and wisdom ,if applied, can be a major contributor at a micro and macro level.

It also helps to learn from the experts. Learning from the experts was one of the ‘sutras’ of ‘Chanakya neeti’. It is logical. The experts are one the ones who will guide you well . They know the nuances. For eg., if you want to learn a particular type of cuisine, learn from an expert of that cuisine. He or she could be a chef or a homemaker or some other professional…

Learning needs application. That is the true test of knowledge.

Learn to enjoy, earn, relax but learn…

Let there be a heart felt yearn…

Learn when you desire,

It will create in you a fiery fire…

Learn to understand,

You will create your unique brand…

Learn , Learn, Learn,

Yearn, Yearn, Yearn.


The learning yearning

The hefty fifty

Fifty is an interesting number. It is an even number. In different fields, it signifies something significant.

In cricket, in a one day international ,every side has fifty overs to field and bowl and the other fifty overs to bat. Half centuries or fifties of batsmen are recorded and celebrated.

Very often, fifty indicates a solid foundation of something. It is the respectable half of hundred.

A few poetic words:

It is fifty,

It is hefty.


Fifty is achievement,

It is an enviable element.


Fifty is a mature age ,

It is a vital page.


Fifty is celebrated,

It is eagerly anticipated….






The hefty fifty

Paradise without Jeopardise

Is there a business without risks?

Is there a day without dusks?


Is there a  school without studies?

Is there a school memory without buddies ?



Is there a song without words ?

Is there a forest without birds ?


Is there a fruit without seeds ?

Is there a life without deeds ?


Is there a film without an actor ?

Is there gratitude without a benefactor ?


Is there a shop without merchandise ?

Is there a paradise without jeopardise ?












Paradise without Jeopardise

The Generous Ghost

Ghosts are very generous. They give fear and terror in a large quantity !

Just imagine, a night out with friends. An unknown place. Some friend with a fertile imagination comes up  with a superb supernatural idea of sharing ghostly tales and experiences.

The fear counter increases with piling up of ‘ believe it or not ‘ tales.

With ghostly thoughts , she makes a futile attempt to sleep. Switching off the lights seems to be a brave act….The Gods are religiously sought for help…

With a great timing, there is a sudden power failure.There are sounds of the unknown in the neighbouring room….

With a pounding heart , she opens the door. She wants to be with someone. She knocks her friend’s room door… The door is opened , but her friend….is nowhere to be seen. …

In the wink of an eye,the room is illuminated. She hears her friend’s voice from behind….She turns. She sees her friend . She is relieved.

One thought shudders her. ‘Who opened the door!??’


The Generous Ghost