Apologies but Alas……

He was madly in love with her. She loved him as well. They were college sweethearts. They married. Everyone was happy. They had two wonderful children. Theirs was a one fabulous family.

Both of them lead busy lives. They had their own share of conflicts. Some of them were amicably sorted out. But, day by day, they grew apart. They stopped sharing their joys and sorrows. They ceased being each other’s friends. He reduced engaging in conversations with her. She ,very often initiated the conversations. But,  those efforts met with an abrupt end. She expressed her apology to him. He did not forgive her.

Years passed by. There was a tragic silence in their relationship. The kids grew up. They left the nest in search of new horizons.

One fine day, he returned from office. He was welcomed with a closed door and an unresponsive doorbell. In twenty five years of their marriage, for the first time, she had gone somewhere, without informing him.

He was worried. He searched for her. She was nowhere to be found. She had written a parting note for him. She had expressed her apology to him. She felt his silence was a lack of love for her. So, she had decided to set him free and lead a life without him.

He tried to live without her. But, he simply couldn’t find any joy. There was a silence in their relationship. Yet, there was a bond of togetherness. Now, he was alone.

His son gave him her address. She was living in a faraway land. He was delighted. He wrote an apology letter to her. He waited for her reply. He did not receive any. What he received was her obituary in a newspaper.

He had apologised but alas…..


Apologies but Alas……

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