The Magnificent Muse


What an interesting word ! It intrigues, inspires, invigorates …

The dictionary meaning – to reflect thoughtfully and deeply. There is an indepth thinking involved.

Another meaning- an inspiration for an artist, very often a woman. In Greek mythology, ‘Muses’ are nine Goddesses who inspire different arts.

Could the word “Museum” have been derived from “Muse” ?

Sculptors, Painters, Writers, Poets, Actors , different artists have been inspired by their respective “Muses”. Some are aware of it. Others may not be aware of it. Many times,students , media personalities, other analysts conclude about the possible Muses of artists.

A muse may be a person, an idea, values, nature, a certain emotion, place, absolutely any source. Even sorrow, pain can be a muse…

An artist may be in love with his muse. He may  have feelings of admiration, liking, attraction, obsession, passion, respect for the ‘ muse ‘. It may also change over a period of time, according to his moods, unfolding of events in his life.

So, who or what is your muse? Are you somebody’s muse?



The Magnificent Muse

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