Praise – The perennial raise

Whenever someone is praised and that ‘someone’ happens to be a fortunate witness to the genuine ‘praise’, he definitely feels a raise in morale, happiness.

A praise is a verbal pat on the back; they are the words of appreciation.

A hostess toils to cook food for the guests. Even if a single guest praises the taste, presentation, aroma of the meals, the hostess is the happiest of the group at that moment.

A praise is also relative. If it is from those matter , it is an added advantage as well.

In a company, the superiors, sub-ordinates, colleagues, customers, shareholders -are  some of the groups whose appraisal is vital.

Many times, the words of praise are cherished , fondly remembered for a lifetime. They can be emotionally equivalent to the monetary value of a diamond !!!

People who praise genuinely, spontaneously have a great quality of sportsmanship. They have the generosity to appreciate.

With a praise, sadness ,if any, will erase itself…




Praise – The perennial raise

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