We carry…..

We care,

We dare,


We carry,

We worry,


We load,

We unload,


We commit,

We omit,


We live,

We believe,


We deal,

We heal,


We hate,

We berate,


We  hope,

We cope,


We do something or the other,

We don’t always bother.


We carry the never ending list of tasks,

We try to understand the gist of masks….


One fine day,

The Carriers visit new frontiers,

They are free of all the barriers,

But, for a change, they don’t carry anything,

They leave behind something….

For others to carry….


The wise leave a trail of wisdom,

The rich leave a legacy of kingdom,


The Caring leave an ocean of affection,

The Abusive leave a volcano of eruption…







We carry…..

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