The Generous Ghost

Ghosts are very generous. They give fear and terror in a large quantity !

Just imagine, a night out with friends. An unknown place. Some friend with a fertile imagination comes up  with a superb supernatural idea of sharing ghostly tales and experiences.

The fear counter increases with piling up of ‘ believe it or not ‘ tales.

With ghostly thoughts , she makes a futile attempt to sleep. Switching off the lights seems to be a brave act….The Gods are religiously sought for help…

With a great timing, there is a sudden power failure.There are sounds of the unknown in the neighbouring room….

With a pounding heart , she opens the door. She wants to be with someone. She knocks her friend’s room door… The door is opened , but her friend….is nowhere to be seen. …

In the wink of an eye,the room is illuminated. She hears her friend’s voice from behind….She turns. She sees her friend . She is relieved.

One thought shudders her. ‘Who opened the door!??’


The Generous Ghost

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