The learning yearning

Learning is a life long process. We are learning something or the other. It could be learning routine tasks, more complex ones, a language, cooking, any activity or skill.

We enjoy learning some subjects. Some subjects, we feel are boring, difficult to grasp. There are times, when we learn after lots of failed attempts. But , towards the end,  we are masters of it. The happiness is limitless.

Knowledge and wisdom ,if applied, can be a major contributor at a micro and macro level.

It also helps to learn from the experts. Learning from the experts was one of the ‘sutras’ of ‘Chanakya neeti’. It is logical. The experts are one the ones who will guide you well . They know the nuances. For eg., if you want to learn a particular type of cuisine, learn from an expert of that cuisine. He or she could be a chef or a homemaker or some other professional…

Learning needs application. That is the true test of knowledge.

Learn to enjoy, earn, relax but learn…

Let there be a heart felt yearn…

Learn when you desire,

It will create in you a fiery fire…

Learn to understand,

You will create your unique brand…

Learn , Learn, Learn,

Yearn, Yearn, Yearn.


The learning yearning

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