The Miniature Marvel

A miniature amazes and attracts attention, when it resembles the bigger counterpart, very precisely.

Nature is a great miniature creator as well. If we observe, we will find lots of miniature examples.

Some of them,which I have observed are :

1) Starfish – Isn’t it a pretty miniature of a star in the sky ?

2) Seahorse – A horse will love to see it’s miniature – Seahorse….

3) Curry leaves branch look like a huge tree’s miniature.

4) The snow capped mountains look like an ice cream combination, containing cream…

5) The mushrooms look like umbrellas…

6) The corn look like teeth…

7) Ice, which is very thin ,can look like glass..,

8) Some Vegetables,fruits, beans are also miniatures. They have also been named because of this property. For example- kidney beans, wax melon.

The miniature is a wonderful creature.It inspires to nurture.


The Miniature Marvel

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