Mistake -be awake

Mistakes are INEVITABLE. There is hardly anyone in this world ,who is infallible, perfect. There are some who make blunders, errors in heaps…..They make no effort to learn from mistakes. They have no guilt about it. They do not concentrate. This lethargic attitude is detrimental to their learning and skill acquiring process.

A smart, hard working person is observant and vigilant. He learns from his mistake as well as those of others.


Oops, I have made a mistake!

I need to be mentally awake….


The heart is saying something,

The head hears nothing…..


The Head versus Heart conflict is challenging,

The decision – making process is intriguing…..


I fear making a mistake…..

There are many things at stake……


I take every precision,

to make a decision…


I decide to be accountable,

without thinking about ‘ERROR’ table…





Mistake -be awake

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