Witness with Wit-My dear daughter

A mother’s letter to her daughter ….

Dear Angel in my life,

Today , you are very young,  too innocent to understand the complexities of life…

When you grow older, I may or may not be there with you, all the time….

You will be sailing your boat.

You are a beautiful  combination of genetics – both paternal and maternal , your experiences , external influencing factors.

You are a witness to a vast mass of events….

Observe, analyse, assimilate all that you witness.

Never lose your wit….Witness with Wit….

Right from childhood, you have read and heard many fairytales. The Good and the Evil fight. It is the good that is victorious. Many times, the evil is masked and has a pretty, sugar coated appearance. Use your judgement wisely to understand the difference.

Be assertive in life.

Do not abuse and do not be abused as well.

Follow your dreams, but relax as well.

Love yourself first.Take care of yourself. Marry , if you want to, but learn to lead a solitary life as well. Trust me , living in solitude is not pathetic…

Love the person you marry, trust him, support him in his goals, accept him whole -heartedly… Do not expect much from him.


Earn, Spend , but dear, Save for the future as well.


You will meet many people in life. Learn from them, as you witness some of the key events of their lives…

Enjoy yourself, Bon Voyage..

Lots of love,

Your Mimmy  !!!( Mummy )



Witness with Wit-My dear daughter

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