The dicey vice

Virtues and vices are a part of everyone. Some people accept their vices; others don’t.

Some people who accept their vices take the next step of minimizing the effect of their vice. Some even  succeed in the process; even to an extent of an elimination of the vice.

Others who do not want to work on their vices, either ignore the vice or belittle others, instead ! ! !

A few verses:

Life would  be nice,

Without the vice

Of ignorance…


The dicey vice is tricky,

It’s lock can have a rare key….


One point to ponder…

One point to wonder….

There are some sub-ordinate designations ,

the office bearers do not offer their resignations …! ! !

Those designations have the prefix ‘ VICE’….

Such as vice captain, vice chairman, vice president……






The dicey vice

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