The Facade Parade

A facade of a building , if attractive, is remembered by passers-by. When a  building becomes a landmark building, it’s facade is a major reason for it, often….

Similarly, a person’s face, physical appearance is a facade of a person’s personality. So, it always helps to be well dressed, neatly dressed and groomed.

A strong foundation accompanied by a beautiful facade is an excellent combination. So ,a focus on creating a strong foundation of knowledge and an eloquent presentation helps…..

Let’s  join the facade parade with the best possible foundation grade!


The Facade Parade

That which is Unfinished….

That which is

Unfinished ,





That which is






That which is






That which is





That which is


Keeps the world going,

Keeps the seeds of aim sowing……!!!


That which is Unfinished….

The Liebster Award Nomination- A Memorable Moment


My fellow blogger Domestic Diva has nominated me for the Liebster Award. Thanks a lot for that. I acknowledge her gesture. It is an encouragement for me. It is an honour for me- being nominated by Domestic Diva. I enjoy reading her blog posts. They are creative and useful.

I have been asked to share “Ten Random facts about myself ” They are :

1)  I love simplicity and avoid complications.

2) I am soft spoken.At the same time, I can be honest and frank.

3) I dislike people who are deliberately rude and gain pleasure by belittling someone.

4) Mumbai is my birthplace. I am at peace in this busy city. It is my favourite place.

5) Listening to music, songs is something I genuinely love.

6) I like watching a game of cricket and playing badminton.

7) Walking  is a refreshing activity for me.

8) Water is my favourite drink.

9) My education- Graduation in Commerce  , Post Graduation in Management.

10) Presently, I am a homemaker, wife ,mother, daughter, sister, aunt, niece, friend and a woman who is a new blogger !!

11) Reading and Writing are my enjoyable and passionate  Pursuits.



My fellow blogger, Domestic Diva , who has nominated me, has asked  me 11  questions. The questions and their answers:

1) What inspires you while write blogs?

It is a combination of experience, observation, analysis, creativity, imagination, thoughts, feelings.


2) Why did you start blogging?

To express myself,

To write regularly,

To get feedback of fellow bloggers,

To read blogs of other bloggers,

To gain experience and write in other media, eventually, for e.g in print media.


3) What is that one thing in the world you would like to change and why?

The increase in the awareness and actions of staying or living in harmony with nature , at an individual as well as collective level.

The closer we are to nature, the more connected, we are with ourselves, our souls, our minds. The more we observe nature, the more we can learn some life lessons.


4) Where do you see yourself as a blogger five years from now?

blogger , who is more experienced, articulate, precise, organised. I would like to write posts, which are useful, refreshing for the readers.

5) Which is your favourite book?

‘Romancing with life’. It is an autobiography , written by the legendary actor Dev Anand. It is one of the most honest, well worded autobiographies. Mr. Dev Anand smoothly drives the reader into a beautiful journey of his life.

6) What is your favourite ingredient in the kitchen?


Salt- Its  proportion is important in a dish. If it is very less, the dish comes across as less delicious. We get the feel, ‘ something is missing’. If salt is in excess, it is a major spoiler.


7) Give one solution for world peace.

Spreading education at a global level. Including more global topics in the syllabus as well. The education should be directed at making independent decision makers…


8) What makes you angry?

Rudeness, conspiracies, frauds, taunts, deliberate belittling of people, backbiters make me angry.

With age, I have learned to ignore such attitudes. In some situations, where I have to deal with people with such natures, I tell them frankly that I don’t like their attitude- without using any abusive language or actions. I try to secure and cushion myself from them .


9) Which Disney character  are you?

I did not watch much of Disney. But, I would like to be the AMUL GIRL. She is sweet, smart, adorable, articulate. She expresses herself well about the current affairs of the country- India, in a witty way. Amul Girl is a creation of Brand Amul. Amul is a success story of co-operatives in India- the co-operative’s name- GCMMF (Gujarat Co-Operative Milk Marketing Federation ).




10) What, according to you, is the best quality in a person and why?

Hard working nature,sincerity,dedication to one’s work. A person who believes in , “Work is Worship” will be an inspiration for others. He will be a significant contributor towards the betterment of some activity.


11) What is the most useful blog you ever wrote. ? Share the link.

My first blog post- It is about happiness.It is a longest post I have written till now.

A To Z Of Happiness ‘. 


Here is my set of 11 questions, which are to be answered by the nominees:

1)  Name any five books, which are your favourites and why?

2) What are your hobbies?

3) What do you like about blogging?

4) What are your favourite quotations ? Quote any five.

5) Which is your favourite place in the world and why?

6) In which fitness mantra do you believe?

7) Which are your favourite periodicals or magazines- any five and why?

8) Which incident or a joke had you in peels of laughter?

9) Who are your favourite actors,actresses and film or films?

10) Which sport do you enjoy playing and/ or watching?

11) Name any five of your favourite dishes.


To nominate 11 of my fellow bloggers for the Liebster Award :

There are more than 11 bloggers , whose blogs I love to read. But, as per the rules, I will have to nominate 11 of them. They are :

1) Aruna for Ripples n Reflections.

2) TheNoticeable

3) Puneet – writer’s blog

4) Siddharth Lale

5) Sarvesh Gaikwad

6) Syeda

7) Flowers and breezes

8) Aryanironman

9) teaismyjam

10)  The Corporate fawn

11)  Vinay


Congratulations, fellow bloggers.


As per the rules :

  1.  You have to accept the award.
  2.  You have to ackowledge the person who nominated you. Provide a link to that blogger’s blog.
  3. Answer 11 questions asked by the person nominating you.
  4. State eleven random facts about yourself.
  5. Nominate 11 bloggers for the Award.
  6. Ask 11 questions to the nominees. Provide a link to the nominees’ blog.
  7. Inform /Notify the Nominees about the Award.





The Liebster Award Nomination- A Memorable Moment

Stylish Numero Unos

Style is unique to every person. It differs from person to person. It is relative. Simplicity is a style for some. For others, following fashion and what is in vogue is a style statement.

Very often, a person who is a success in any field is a style creator.

I have listed some aspects which are stylish for me .i.e. What I find stylish :

* Simplicity

* Elegance

* Neatness

* Ingenuity

* Smartness

* White colour

* Melodious Music and Songs

* Beautiful Cursive Handwriting

* Falooda

* Blue lights


A few lines of poetry:


She was  born stylish,

For fashion , she had a fetish….


Her sister was elegant,

She participated in a beauty pageant….


Her sister won the contest,

She had to be the best….


Her guide was her sister,

She was a stylish fashion twister!!!!



Stylish Numero Unos

The Splendid Silence

Silence is splendid,

It gives peace of mind, indeed…


Silence , after speaking about our thoughts and feelings,

Is a beautiful way to wind our dealings….


Silence works a wonder,

It makes our thoughts leisurely ponder…


Silence is a solution to handle verbal abusers,

It acts as a fire extinguisher….


A silence in the surroundings,

Helps to listen to the sound of our minds and bindings…..


Silence facilitates productivity,

It can lead to great activity….



The Splendid Silence

Managing a radical change in routine

We are used to a particular routine. A radical or a major change in the sequence or type of activities is a great challenge. It can be very frustrating , if it is not managed well.

A major change in routine could be because of many reasons.

A TODDLER may be beginning his schooling. He will be in the process of regulating his life, socializing, travelling daily,learning, staying away from his home and parents for some part of the day. He needs to be handled with care and empathy.Parents should be more patient during this phase.

Similarly, marriage, parenthood, change of job,shift from job to a business or vice-versa, relocation to a new place or country, retirement are some examples of a radical change.

Some of the following points may be useful to manage the radical change in routine :

  • Be prepared for failures. Do not expect perfection from yourself and others.
  • Be optimistic , patient and confident.
  • Learn from your mistakes and others’ mistakes.
  • Read about the topics and challenges,changes,experiences of people who have been through similar changes.
  • Attend a counselling or training workshop or course, if needed.
  • Plan for the short term or mid term or long term.
  • Write – take notes, write vital aspects, which can be useful.
  • Do not try to be a superman or superwoman. Learn to develop a support system, delegation of authority.
  • Review your performance regularly.The strong and weak areas will be observed. The efforts can be accordingly changed and directed.

Enjoy the radical change,

Win the new challenge…..


Managing a radical change in routine

Zealous Zing

I feel a zing,

When my dear ones give me a ping….


I feel a sting,

When wicked , selfish ones give me a ping!!!!


I feel a zing,

When I look at my engagement ring….


I feel a sting,

When I see violence in a film ring…..


I feel a zing,

When I watch a favourite song on Sling…


I feel a sting,

When I watch some boring movie on Sling….


I feel a zing,

When I see a friendship string….

I feel a sting,

When I see an ill wisher’s fake chat string….


Zing and Sting 

are beads woven in a


Called LIFE….


Zealous Zing

The Recharge Routine

Often,Mind , body and spirit have to be recharged after they are discharged or about to be discharged. Some meticulous planners recharge in advance. They do not wait for reminders, fines.

Recharging is rejuvenating, relaxing and building energy stock for consumption at a later date.

Every person has his unique energy regimen. Some of my rechargers are:

* Reading a book,

* Drinking tea , coffee or coconut water

* Meeting friends

* Listening to my favourite songs

* blogging

* Washing my face with cold water and soap

* Laughing and giggling

* Crying ( If I feel like crying, I allow my tears to flow freely. I feel better after that. )

* Playing games

* Sleeping

Recharging is a time spent for ourselves. Enjoying it is the best recharge !!!!





The Recharge Routine

Elegantly White -The colour of peace

White has an elegant touch to it. It is a colour of peace, tranquility, serenity, divinity.

Cinematographically and photographically, white background, white clothes, black and white photos have a charm. Every person looks clean and charming in a white attire….A sailor or a navyman, clad in a smart white uniform, in the backdrop of  majestic blue skies with white clouds, a blue ocean of wonderful waves and a magnificently white ship is an aesthetic visual treat…

Nature also loves white. Blend the seven colours of rainbow in equal proportions- the result is white. Cotton, milk,rice, eggs are beautifully white.

White is difficult to maintain. Similarly, elegance is difficult to maintain. But, maintaining it well ,is worth the effort….



Elegantly White -The colour of peace