The Fierce Pierce

She was a smart but a soft-spoken , simple, sensitive, straight forward, sweet lady. She was respected , admired and appreciated for her virtues.

This kind, placid damsel was written off by many as a highly probable damsel in distress…. Some even pitied her for her gentle, serene disposition.

After all, she had to face the world , which had its share of fierce , feline folks and manipulative men…..The world had cheaters, abusers, criminals, sinners, wicked , fraudsters, unethical, immoral individuals. She could easily fall prey to any Fierce attack!!!!

But, there was one person who had faith in her capabilities to face the wicked face of the world…. It was none other than, She….herself…

She rose to the occasion. She stood upright for what she believed in. She fought fiercely for her rights. She was assertive. She tolerated unjust, inhuman, abusive behaviour . But ,after giving an ample opportunity to the wrong doers to rectify their wrong deeds, she ,peacefully , but clearly, assertively refused to be victimized….She did what she thought was best for her and the persons who mattered to her , without being unethical…

She won the war of life. She showed her ill wishers, foes the Fierce Pierce Strategy….!!!!


The Fierce Pierce

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