The Shivering Ring

She met him. They liked each other. They decided to marry. The date of engagement was fixed.

She was dressed in a ‘ hopeful yellow ‘ saree. He wore a royal purple kurta pyjama.Both looked elegant. The family members were in an upbeat mood. There was a festive flavour in the atmosphere.

The moment of engagement arrived. She felt a shiver in her hands. She was on the verge of beginning a new phase in her life. She was about to place the ring around his ring finger, when she was interrupted by an authoritative yell, ‘ STOP IT !!! ‘ .The yelling lady was an uninvited guest. She was a stranger to all but him…

She explained her reason for her wierd behaviour. He was in love with her. He had expressed it to her. She had refused to reciprocate .Now, she had a change of mind and heart. She wanted to marry him.

He was asked to decide. He announced his decision. He had decided to marry the girl , to whom he was to be engaged. His reasoning was that this lady was someone, he admired and liked.He respected her for being a quicker decision maker than his lady love…

Everyone applauded his decision.

But, she had some other plans. The lady in yellow was not shallow. She refused to be engaged .

Everyone was stunned .

Her approach was different. It was fine for her to marry someone whom one liked but not loved. Love is possible, after some years of togetherness, as well. She didn’t want to marry him because he seemed to have the habit of comparing her with his lady love.In a marriage, acceptance of each other whole heartedly, without any comparisons  is an essential condition for her. Comparisons with former lover would be unfair. Individuality was important for her.

She put down the ring. This time, she didn’t feel the shiver….


The Shivering Ring

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