The tolerant sidewalk


I am a sidewalk , in North America, a footpath in India. I am also known as a pavement, since I am very often made of paver blocks.

I receive many footfalls during the day . The ever in a hurry office goer, the aspiring student, the dreamy cupid struck couple, the eager to walk and run toddler, the exercise conscious walker…the list is not exhaustive, the way I am not supposed to be exhaustive !!!!

The footwear designs are also familiar for me. What’s new, what’s in vogue, in the footwear…. Be it the formal shoes, casual slippers, sandals, chappals, cowboy shoes, gumboots, stockings and socks- I have seen ,heard and felt it all…I have also witnessed the walking stick  of a variety.

The night is more relaxing for me. The crowd is less. The party goers return, very often , in high spirits and irregular sprints. The sidewalk is no longer a cakewalk for them….

I am maintained by the maintenance departments of respective administrative bodies.

I lead a statically kinetic life.I do need a break ..yes a breaking of some block gives me an opportunity to sleep and relax….

I am glad to know that my efforts will be showcased and presented in the WordPress daily post, one word prompt.Thanks for that.

I feel like an unsung  hero, otherwise. But, I can’t cry. If I cry, there will be many pedestrians falling down..That will be my defeat.I am born to serve with sincerity…

Bye for now,

See you with your footwear, take care…



The tolerant sidewalk

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