The Recharge Routine

Often,Mind , body and spirit have to be recharged after they are discharged or about to be discharged. Some meticulous planners recharge in advance. They do not wait for reminders, fines.

Recharging is rejuvenating, relaxing and building energy stock for consumption at a later date.

Every person has his unique energy regimen. Some of my rechargers are:

* Reading a book,

* Drinking tea , coffee or coconut water

* Meeting friends

* Listening to my favourite songs

* blogging

* Washing my face with cold water and soap

* Laughing and giggling

* Crying ( If I feel like crying, I allow my tears to flow freely. I feel better after that. )

* Playing games

* Sleeping

Recharging is a time spent for ourselves. Enjoying it is the best recharge !!!!





The Recharge Routine

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