Managing a radical change in routine

We are used to a particular routine. A radical or a major change in the sequence or type of activities is a great challenge. It can be very frustrating , if it is not managed well.

A major change in routine could be because of many reasons.

A TODDLER may be beginning his schooling. He will be in the process of regulating his life, socializing, travelling daily,learning, staying away from his home and parents for some part of the day. He needs to be handled with care and empathy.Parents should be more patient during this phase.

Similarly, marriage, parenthood, change of job,shift from job to a business or vice-versa, relocation to a new place or country, retirement are some examples of a radical change.

Some of the following points may be useful to manage the radical change in routine :

  • Be prepared for failures. Do not expect perfection from yourself and others.
  • Be optimistic , patient and confident.
  • Learn from your mistakes and others’ mistakes.
  • Read about the topics and challenges,changes,experiences of people who have been through similar changes.
  • Attend a counselling or training workshop or course, if needed.
  • Plan for the short term or mid term or long term.
  • Write – take notes, write vital aspects, which can be useful.
  • Do not try to be a superman or superwoman. Learn to develop a support system, delegation of authority.
  • Review your performance regularly.The strong and weak areas will be observed. The efforts can be accordingly changed and directed.

Enjoy the radical change,

Win the new challenge…..


Managing a radical change in routine

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