Stylish Numero Unos

Style is unique to every person. It differs from person to person. It is relative. Simplicity is a style for some. For others, following fashion and what is in vogue is a style statement.

Very often, a person who is a success in any field is a style creator.

I have listed some aspects which are stylish for me .i.e. What I find stylish :

* Simplicity

* Elegance

* Neatness

* Ingenuity

* Smartness

* White colour

* Melodious Music and Songs

* Beautiful Cursive Handwriting

* Falooda

* Blue lights


A few lines of poetry:


She was  born stylish,

For fashion , she had a fetish….


Her sister was elegant,

She participated in a beauty pageant….


Her sister won the contest,

She had to be the best….


Her guide was her sister,

She was a stylish fashion twister!!!!



Stylish Numero Unos

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