Value of Memories

We can evaluate, revalue, value and assign quantifiable,measurable numeric values to money, real estate, gems and jewellery, many other goods and services. They are vital for survival. They are also a source of happiness, security.

But, they are not sufficient to be the only reasons for happiness. Love, care, camaraderie, friendship are important to spread joy and be joyful.

Memories are very valuable. They can refresh the person. They can be sources of a smile,a giggle, a grin….

Some beautiful memories which can be preserved for years together:

*Photographs, albums


*Voice Recordings

*Writings- Diary, blog posts, letters, electronic letters- emails

*Greeting Cards

*Gifts , momentoes

*Collection of things

*Recollection of memories- mentally. Use of mind .


Memories are valuable for the person concerned. They may not be equally interesting for everyone… So, share the memories with others, if one wishes to share, without expecting an exuberant reaction….!!!!



Value of Memories

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