The Enchantment of Elicit

A man is a social animal.  He wants to belong somewhere- to some social group or the other…. Once he is a part of some group, he elicits some response or the other from the group members.

A pat on the back, an appreciating glance, a verbal appreciation, a ‘like’on the Facebook account, a ‘like’ on the WordPress blog, a ‘like’ on Instagram makes us happy, doesn’t it?  A blogger , especially a nouveau blogger checks innumerable times to find whether he has received any notification from WordPress!!!😃.   But, what about disagreeing comments, opposition from the members? Not many are prepared for it. A person, who is truly a good sportsman, will receive them without any irritation, anger, sadness. If he thinks rationally and realizes that the opposing remark or opinion is right in its place, it will be encouraging for both – the receiver and giver…

I had read in a book about ‘ Organization Business ‘  that ‘ It is healthy to have conflicts .’ Conflict resolution is vital. It is more important for all the group members to focus on ‘ What is right ‘ than on ‘ Who is right ‘.

All said and done, appreciation is a natural blusher for the recipient ! That encourages and motivates us to move ahead!


The Enchantment of Elicit

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