In Conversation With A Martyr…

History lecture was in progress. The teacher was explaining the concept of Martyrs and Martyrdom to her students. Kaveri was an analytical , intelligent child. She was stunned by the sacrificing nature of Martyrs and freedom fighters of India. The lecture was over. But Kaveri simply couldn’t stop thinking.

She wanted to understand which qualities made Martyrs different from the rest? She was feeling restless. Her mind was not ready to relax. She decided to put down  her thoughts on paper.

She imagined a conversation between a Martyr and Kaveri- herself. She named her fictional Martyr as Devika.

Devika: Namaskar, Kaveri

Kaveri: Namaskar, Devika. You sacrificed your life for the country.

Devika: Yes.

Kaveri: Why did you do it? Didn’t you love your life?

Devika: I loved my life. But, I was also focused on the concept of Independence for the country. I could foresee many benefits for my countrymen, an improvement in their quality of life.

Kaveri: Hmmm…But didn’t you fear death?

Devika: I feared the pain of having to live in an autocratic, uncertain world. I didn’t plan to be a Martyr. However, I was mentally prepared for all the consequences.

Kaveri: Are you happy with the way our country has developed?Do you think we are using our freedom well?

Devika: Yes ,to some extent. I think many  citizens are not aware of rights and duties. The willingness to learn about rights and duties is also not very bright….

Kaveri: Do you regret sacrificing your life?

Devika: No, I did what I thought was my duty. I have no regrets. I lived life as per my terms, my values, my vision. How many people can do that?

Kaveri: What would be your advice to the next generations ?

Devika: Live your life. Follow your dreams. Learn, Laugh, Love yourself. Be clear of your values, aims. Be responsible for your actions. Do not abuse. Do not tolerate any abuse either…All the best…

Kaveri: Thanks a lot. Salute to you.

Devika: Goodbye, I hope your mind is relaxed now…

Kaveri: Yes….






In Conversation With A Martyr…

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