Memories -My treasure forever, for sure….

A treasure is a collection of valuable, precious objects, events, occasions, values. It can be intangible as well. Memories is one such intangible treasure, which can be a wonderful treasure. As long as a person is alive, the memories will be with him.

A few verses:

They may seize my house,

But not my hands which made it a ‘home’….

They may snatch my jewellery,

But not my smiles and joys, I enjoyed basking in their glory…..

They may misappropriate cash,

But, they can’t deny it without batting an eyelash…

They may take away the person I love,

But they can’t love him the way I love….

They may destroy all the symbols of my cherished memories,

But they can’t destroy the memories in my mind….

People, places, seasons, styles may change and/or leave. Memories are for life…So, memories are my treasure forever, for sure …..


Memories -My treasure forever, for sure….

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