She fled…

He loved the woman of his dreams. He waited for her acceptance. She simply couldn’t decide.

He decided to marry someone else. He married someone else. He tried to love her. He couldn’t accept someone else whole-heartedly. She remained someone else for him. Someone else loved him. She could feel his dilemma, his distance, his desire to be with that illusional lady of his dreams, his distress. She , herself , was stressed. She struggled . She craved for a happy life. He desired perfection. She tried and failed. She couldn’t satisfy his high standards and high expectations. She decided to flee. She decided to fly. She fled to fly. She didn’t know her destination. But, she decided to set him free from the ย unwanted relationship with someone else.

She paved the way for his freedom. ย After all, he wanted her out of his life, but couldn’t express himself. She took the flight and put an end to each other’s plight….

There could have been a different turn. If he would have accepted her whole- heartedly, gradually….Both of them would have made more effort to be patient with each other….


She fled…

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