Energetic Enthusiasm

An active interest or excitement about an idea, some work a person is doing is defined as  Enthusiasm’ in dictionaries. Very often, we may have to do things , which are not of our interest or passion or liking. But, by putting in an enthusiasm in our efforts, we can do better. It activates us, changes our attitude from a negative one into a positive one, gradually.

By being an enthusiast, we can also spread the enthusiastic approach amongst others. Enthusiasm is contagious. Such an approach improves the team spirit. It fuels the work engine. It is always there to provide resilience, creativity, hanging on in difficult situations, enjoying the journey towards achievement of goals.

It may happen that we may not spontaneously, instantly, naturally feel enthusiastic about something. We may have to make an effort to generate enthusiasm.Here are some ways to feel enthusiastic.

Here are some ways to be enthusiastic:

1) Look at the positives of the situation.

2) Find out the reasons for not feeling enthusiastic.

3) Analyse the reasons.

4) Classify these reasons as long term or short term.

5) Classify these reasons as variable or constant.

6) Understand the role at an individualistic level in the plan and project.

7) Understand what you need to do.

8) Understand what you are capable of doing.

9) Assess the skill set. Which skills need to be sharpened and which need to be learned?

10) Be prepared to take the plunge. Take the plunge. Enjoy the challenge.

11) Learn, unlearn, do, make errors , mistakes, take responsibility for the mistakes, focus and concentrate, be patient with yourself and others.

12) Spend sometime for your hobby, daily or atleast a weekly basis.

13) Exercise the mind and the body. 

14) Watch and/ or play some sport . 

15) Take a break from work for sometime.

16) Enjoy the holidays by relaxing at home or travelling, going for some outing.Relaxing is good for not making the enthusiasm extinct!

17) Break the monotony and routine as well. 

18) Enjoy the festivals. Festivals spread joy, positivity.

So, for the vehicle of efforts, use the fuel of enthusiasm  🎈🎉🎈


Energetic Enthusiasm

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