Scents and Stories

Nose is our sense organ which senses the smells. Scents fade away after sometime. Yet, there are some odours which sing an ode to our hearts. There are some fragrances which do not fail to take us back to some memories. There are some aromas which roam in our nostrils and nostalgia!

We like some scents. We detest some scents. Some are also allergic to some smells.

I remember the aromatic dishes, my mother used to prepare. Be it during cutting the jackfruit on the ‘vili'( a cutting and chopping tool used in Maharashtra) or the phodni (tempering /tadka),the fragrances used to spread across the rooms, during the different stages of cooking! They were equally sumptuous for the taste buds and the tummy! There is another aroma , which I love-that of ‘L’eau de Cologne’ ( Cologne Water) . It refreshes me.

We tend to associate certain smells with persons,professions, places, plants, trees,processes,animals, birds, flowers and fruits, foods etc.

A hospital is characterized by the smell of Dettol, room fresheners, medicines. A temple has an assortment of fragrances- those of flowers, incense sticks, the burning of diyas and it’s wicks, sandalwood, turmeric, Kumkum. A Mumbai fast food restaurant stores and spreads the smells of hot spices,teary onions, tangy tomatoes, boiled potatoes, gingerly gravies,sweet jaggery,date filled chutnies and chillies’ filled chutneys,purees and pastes, boiled lentils, sour sauces,lemons and kairis( raw mangoes), buttery,oily,ghee filled temperings….Too tempting for the senses!

So enjoy life, it’s scents and stories!


Scents and Stories

The Convenient Automatic

There is more buzz and rush,

There is lesser ‘riyaz’ and blush!

There are more work tasks,

There are lesser travel basks….

There are more manmade machines,

There are lesser soaked sunshines….

There is more predictable automatic,

There is lesser ¬†impromptu dramatic…..

There is more convenience,

There is lesser patience…..

There is more physics, which is static and kinetic,

There is lesser dynamics ,which is ecstatic and enigmatic…

Automation was done to save time, money, physical and mental strain,

But do we really relax and feel pretty plain?

(In response to the WordPress daily prompt, ‘Automatic’)


The Convenient Automatic

The Filter of Simplicity

I remember my Grammar lecture. We were taught ‘ Simple ‘ Tense in verbs.It was a clear hint about the road ahead. The path in the World of Grammar was not ‘Simple’! ūüėÉ Simplicity is a way of life. If we insert a Filter of Simplicity in our thoughts and minds, life will be easier.

Here is my attempt to make life simpler.  Few ways to lead a simple life:

1) Focus and Multitasking

Multitasking is time saving. It can be stressful as well. Find out how many tasks you can simultaneously handle. Focus on those tasks accordingly.

2) Do not expect 100% perfection either from yourself or from others. Excessive expectations, perfection can ruin self esteem, self worth, confidence, relationships. Accept and move ahead.

3) Be¬†organized¬†in your space. Be it the kitchen, the living room, study table, work desk- any place or space. Remember the management principle-” There should be a place for everything and everything should be in it’s place. ” If you put a knife in a particular drawer, put it there after use. If you forget ‘what’is kept ‘where’ ?, label it. You can even write the contents’ details in a Book.

4) Planning and Preparation helps to keep things simple and also reduces worries.

For example, if you are planning to take homemade food in your lunchbox, make the preparation before going to bed. The next day, the meal can be made quickly. For eg., If you intend to make ‘Roti Sabzi’ ( Indian bread and vegetables with tempering), it is an efficient idea to knead the dough needed to make rotis, store the dough in an airtight container and refrigerate it, overnight itself. Similarly, to make vegetable making easier the next day, you can cut them overnight and pressure cook them, if needed. The tadka ( Tempering ) can be done the next day.

In a professional setup, if you are well prepared, it will be a great relief for you.

For eg., You have an important client meeting. Your life will be simpler if you

A) Study the client company’s needs and product lines.

B) Know your company’s position and performance.

C) Know your department’s situation, performance, strength, weakness.

D) Revising the presentation, discussion papers, documents, PowerPoint presentation, with concentration.

E) Studying the history, minutes of earlier meetings with the client.

5) Keep track of expenses and incomes regularly- periodically-daily  or  weekly or fortnightly or monthly or any other time interval.

6) Enjoy your own company. 

Your spouse may be busy with his work, his social life. Your child will be busy with school and his own friends. Have ways of enjoying alone too. If you want to watch a particular movie, you do not have company, either because your spouse , children, friends have other commitments or the movie simply doesn’t appeal to them, so what? Go , watch the movie, enjoy yourself.

7) Enjoy life in daily, routine pleasures .

The rising sun, setting sun, stars, moon, moonlight, jumping squirrels, the mischievous cat, the blossomed flowers, the melodious song, the ‘ have you giggling ‘ silly mistake of yours- anything can be a pleasure!

8) ‘Call Spade a Spade’ approach

If you like something, say it. If you don’t like something, say it ( if needed ). ‘ if needed ‘ means if not saying it will hurt you, then say it !

9) It is not essential to be good at everything.

Find what you are good at, what interests you, what you can improve, what you need to be good at, what you need not be good at. What is simply not your cup of tea ….

10) Enjoy what you do and do what you enjoy.

11) Reduce the negativity from your mind space. 

Negativity can be a person, or  taunts, back biting , mock, scorn, ridicule, insult, physical, emotional , verbal abuse, any action , which you do not like. Seek help, if it is serious. If you can handle it on your own, do it with courage. Stay away from such negativity. The more mind space such people and their words, their actions occupy, the more negative you will feel, the more physically and emotionally draining, it will be for you.That will spoil your life. Remember the rule of Mathematics,

” If a negative number is there, it’s identity will eliminate only if it is multiplied by zero or it is added with a higher valued positive number or it is multiplied by a negative number.”

-5 is there. How will you reduce its value or make it positive?

Approach I) -5*0= 0

Assign zero value to negativity in your mind.Ignore it.

Approach II) -5 + 20= +15

Do more positive actions, thereby eliminating negativity .

Approach III) -5* -20=+ 100

Retaliate to negativity strongly. Sweep it away from your life. You will emerge stronger , better, wiser.

12) Be prepared for shocks, surprises, failures, spontaneity as well.

I succeed ¬†in simplifying at times, I fail at times.ūüėÉ So, insert the ‘Simple’ filter in your mind and observe how it works ! ūüėÉ

( in response to the WordPress daily prompts, ‘Simple’ and ‘Filter’.)



The Filter of Simplicity

The Tenacious Ten

‘ Ten ‘ is a number, which has a distinct place in ¬†many fields and subjects like science, technology, mathematics , culture ,astrology, numerology, tarot.

Here is a list of the ten facts about ‘TEN’, which I have observed or read about:

1) Ten is the first two digit number.

Recently, I watched a Hindi serial, titled ‘Amma’ on Zee TV. In a scene, the protagonist recites a Hindi poem. It’s gist: Once all the digits from 0 to 9 were quarrelling amongst themselves. Eachone was claiming to be superior. They condemned 0 and 1. One and zero were sad. They stood next to each other for company. They realized that , as single digits , they are lower in value.But if they form a partnership, stand together, they become TEN- a number higher ¬†in value than 1,2, 3,4,5,6,7,8 or 9!! Forming partnerships can be fruitful at times.

2) Human beings have ten fingers.

3) Ten does not disturb the number’s digits , it multiplies itself with. It simply sits at the end of the row!!!

For example, 10*250= 2500, 10*35=350

4) The concept of ‘Top 10’is popular. Be it top Ten favourite songs, authors, books, actors, the concept is popular.

5) Many subjects have ten alphabets in their spellings. For example, Mathematic, Technology, Psychology, Literature, Handicraft, Statistics.

6) Many clocks’ advertisements display 10:10 as the time in their advertisement.

7) The Ten o’clock Lily is a famous flower.

8) In cricket, the ball cannot be bowled in any over, till the six stumps , four bails( six stumps and four bails total to ten wooden pieces) are not positioned on both the sides of the wicket.

9) I 10 car has come earlier than Apple’s iPhone version of 10! It will be interesting to see how Apple names it that time….

10) In playing cards, Ten is the last card in any series, which is depicted as a number card. The next three cards – The Jack, The Queen, The King are picture cards.

There will be many such facts about ten. I would like to know your observations, research as well..

Happy TenThinking!


The Tenacious Ten

The private space….

Privacy is needed for one’s soul, body, mind. It also relaxes, soothes a person. It is every individual’s right. The thought, ‘Live and let live’ addresses in some way , a life of mutual non interference and respect of privacy.

The private space is a person’s zone , which is restricted from the public eye and scrutiny. We guard our rooms with curtains, blinds- to keep away peeping Toms. We make our rooms’ windows soundproof . We have devised many methods of protecting our privacy.

I thought of the keyboard of a desktop- It’s space bar is the biggest key. It occupies the largest space on the keyboard! The creators must have been privacy conscious!

An artist has a moral responsibility of not intruding anyone’s privacy. For example, a photographer , a writer, a painter should take permission from individuals-the ones who are their subjects and models before publishing, documenting, patenting,telecasting a piece of work.



The private space….

Exposure and Knowledge

The more a person is exposed to a wide array of experiences, situations, circumstances, emotions, job descriptions, arts, persons, places, subjects, skills, backgrounds, books, cultures, languages, communities, technologies,media- the more opportunities he has to assimilate, apply, store, spread the light of knowledge. An exposure to the right, relevant sources at the right time and in right quantities can be useful for the person…

Knowledge can increase exposure and exposure can increase knowledge….

So, be alert to enjoy the exposure…

Concluding with my humble thought:

A positive exposure

At any juncture

Will rupture

Negativity and capture

And Suture

The Mind for sure….


( In response to the daily prompt ‘Exposure’)


Exposure and Knowledge

The Overworked Beings…

A mid October dawn,

She was born…

She was the youngest of the four siblings,

She was new to the world’s learnings….

Her parents loved and nurtured her,

Her siblings loved and pampered her…

Her grandmother was her joie de vivre,

Her hard work was her strong¬†l’oeuvre…

Her uncles and aunts were her inspiration,

She was full of aspiration….

She was versatile,

She was agile…

She was good at sports,

She was good at arts,

She enjoyed life with family and friends,

She was quick to make amends….

She was full of zeal,

She studied the science of heal….

Her parents supported her dream of studying medicine,

She  completed the course of medicine.

She was a doctor,

She was a victor….

She married a bright, young doctor from the same city,

For both, hard work was their deity.

They were the children of the city,

They set up practice away from the city…

They gradually adapted to the rural life,

Their life was full of stress and strife.

They examined and heard the patients well,

They diagnosed and treated them well…

They earned respect, fame and money,

They attained their life’s glory.

They met people who admired them,

They met people who advised them.

They met people who envied them,

They met people who helped them….

They were dutiful and doting parents,

They were their children’s guiding and protective pendants….

From private practice, they retired,

But, by then, they were extremely tired….

They had overworked themselves,

They had overstrained themselves…..

In response to the daily prompt ‘ Overworked ‘.

( I dedicate this post to my parents- it’s their story of life ūüėÉ )


The Overworked Beings…

Aesthetic can be Anywhere….

Aesthetics is a subject, which is studied, researched, discussed in detail . Many books talk about aesthetic appreciation, art and aesthetics, beauty in art and appreciation. The term ‘ aesthetic appeal ¬†‘ is often ¬†used.

There are many quotations about Art, Aesthetics, Beauty. For example, ” A thing of beauty is a joy forever.” Another famous quotation, ” Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. ”

Aesthetics can exist anywhere. It can appeal to either one or many or all the senses. We have five senses- sight, smell, touch, speech, acoustic. Very often, the sixth sense of intuition is also mentioned. Something can be aesthetic for this sixth sense as well…

Photography is a wonderful medium of capturing the aesthetics. It also has the strength to make something which was less attractive, look more aesthetic.

Similarly, a writer can create an aesthetic world for his /her readers.How deftly, the author uses the words and makes the reader think, feel,act ? How well , the writer stimulates the senses of the reader ?That will depend on the writing skills…

It is also crucial to remember that aesthetics can be relative. It will vary from person to person. A person may find an aesthetic appeal in perfumes, fresh flowers ( His sense organ- nose finds that aromatic, another sense organ- eyes find the flowers, perfume bottles’ shape, colours visually appealing.) His friend may hate the perfumes and not find them to be aesthetic…

Nature lovers will wake up early and  wait patiently for the glorious Sunrise accompanied by the chirping of the birds, in a tourist spot. A late night party lover will love the discolights, the loud music ; these are aesthetic elements for him. The same person can also like  aesthetics in both i.e.- the sunrise and the night party.

So, life is about enjoying the aesthetics, which can exist anywhere…


Aesthetic can be Anywhere….

The Marathon Marvel

The marathon begins,

Running is full of gains.

Strategy is the key,

It may vary.

Keep oneself hydrated,

Lest the speed will be decelerated.

Walking is also crucial,

It makes the muscles stoical.

Advance preparation is recommended,

Any special requirement can be tended.

Enjoying the planning

Is very encouraging.

There will be a few toppers,

But there will be many winners.

Those who participate

Attain a new state.

The joy of completion,

The reaching of destination….

The entire journey is imprinted,

In the mind and sprinted





The Marathon Marvel

The Exquisite Woman

Womanhood is a beautiful creation of Nature. A woman who cares, thinks, feels,nurtures , strives can create a healthy , productive environment. She can atleast be a catalyst in such a creation. A woman can be strong , wise, artistic , ambitious, if she chooses to be.

Very often, there is an unhealthy competition between a full time home maker and a working woman, a stay at home mother and a working mother! Some homemakers take pleasure in belittling a working woman, by taunting her way of managing the home and it’s affairs. Similarly, some working women get a high which is as high as their pay hike by writing off homemakers as a wasted, idle, gossiping bunch of women.

Well, according to me, both the categories of women can be achievers. Their work setting, job description , remuneration , rewards, incentives , targets, goals may differ. But a diligent, wise woman will create wonders in any role. Management is a pervasive- universally applicable concept. So, dear women enjoy your work- be it that of a multitasking home maker or a monetarily earning ¬†working woman. You can be exquisitely expressive in your unique, creative way….The Exquisite Woman of the World.

(In response to Today’s WordPress daily prompt ‘ Exquisite’.)


The Exquisite Woman