Gone Goodies

There are some sweet things in life ,which gradually go away. They may go  because of many reasons. They go away because of technology advancement, use of substitutes, time constraint, lack of availability of raw materials, demand, absolutely any or a combination of reasons.

The following are some gone goodies or atleast their usage has reduced….

1) Greeting cards made of paper

It was so exciting to open the envelope, look at the greeting card, appreciate that flower on it’s cover, turn it , read the message.

2) The wired telephone without push/press button.

The dialling , the slots of the digits, the sound every dial used to make, the ‘ tring tring’ sound of the call,the loud ringing, which could dash the dreams of a slumbering snorer…Well that has reduced…

3) The mystery of photographs

After completing the camera roll and giving it to a photo studio for developing it, the photographs remained a mystery till the receipt of the developed photos. (Was everyone captured well in the group photo? How many people had closed their eyes? Did  the dress merge with the background? Was the sunrise too bright to be captured? Was the sunset too dark a task? Many such questions were answered by the final product…)

4) The audio cassettes and cassette player..

The rewind, fast forward ,pause and play buttons….The ‘once more ‘ had to be manually rewound, but it was a reward for the ears…

5) The Video cassettes, The Video cassettes player and it’s  Library.

It was a waiting game for some titles. But it was worth the effort for a heart touching film. A trip to a movie theatre was avoided. The film was viewed in a relaxed homely atmosphere…

The gone goodies taught the user to be patient , at times….They will remain fresh in the pages of history….



Gone Goodies

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