The Unseen Entity

Life has always been a mystery . How was the first cell created? We are born. We die someday. Where do we go after we die? Life has its own show of miracles too. Miracles are rare. They do not happen everyday. Or , at times , they occur, but we miss to observe them….

It was just like any other day. My mother and I were ready to visit my cousin’s place for a family get-together. It was a Sunday afternoon. We hired an ‘auto rickshaw'(An auto rickshaw is a three wheeler transport vehicle). We reached an important connecting main road of Mumbai. All of a sudden the rickshaw driver shrieked saying ‘ Break fail zalay..’ ( The breaks of the vehicle have failed.) The auto was speeding at a moderately fast rate. A speed breaker came along. The auto rickshaw tumbled to its left. We were seated in the auto. The auto kept sliding on the road, till gradually ,it slowed down and the passers by put it in its upright position.

My mother and I had minor bruises. The auto driver was unhurt. We were safe after the shocking accident. Our belongings- our purses were flung far away from us. A kind lady with a good presence of mind handed the purses to us.

We relaxed under a tree shade for sometime, drank water, paid the driver the fare , hired another auto rickshaw and went to our destination.

During the accidental ride, we were close to death. The auto could have dashed against any vehicle driving ahead . But, that didn’t happen. I could feel that some unseen force was ensuring that the collision with other vehicles wouldn’t take place. Who was that ‘ Unseen Entity ‘?

My mother also felt the same, when I spoke to her about it.

It was one of the biggest miracles of my life.


The Unseen Entity

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